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Kurerat innehåll - en av 4 "key trends" down under - ExploreCurate

Kurerat innehåll – en av 4 ”key trends” down under


Här kommer en kurerad artikel som visar att vi på ExploreCurate ligger i framkant. När marknadschefen på australienska YOW! (som arrangerar YOW! Developer Conference) Jill Brennan räknar upp de 4 mest tydliga Internettrenderna tar Curated content plats bredvid mer etablerade trender som Shift to Mobile advertising, The Continued rise of Video och förstås Effectively using Big data.

Så här skriver Jill Brennan om Curated content:

”A trend related to big data, is the demand for curated content. Businesses are not alone in being overwhelmed by the masses of data available; consumers are faced with so much choice that finding what they want can be a tedious process. To get around this volume, consumers are looking for shortcuts to find what they want faster.

One of the examples to illustrate this point is the rise of single use apps over multi-purpose apps and apps that only appear when they have something to add, for example, apps that are triggered by the user’s location”.

Läs hela artikeln av Jill Brennan här.
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