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Det här förutspådde 21 digitala experter skulle hända 2015 - ExploreCurate

Det här förutspådde 21 digitala experter skulle hända 2015

Snart halvvägs in på 2015. Är de digitala experterna rätt ute? Läs deras profetior inför året här:

Ann Handley Selfie

Ann Handley  @annhandley – Chief Content Officer, MarketingProfs

..and we’ll focus on being generously useful. 2015 really will be the year we create and curate content our customers will thank us for.


Jay Baer Selfie

Jay Baer @jaybaer – President, Convince & Convert

2015 will be the year of paid amplification. With content marketing reaching near-ubiquity, the success pendulum will swing toward boosting consumption of content. That will put a new focus on math, testing and optimization as content production and content distribution become equally important.


Mark Schaefer Selfie

Mark Schaefer @markwschaefer – Executive Director, Schaefer Marketing Solutions

By the end of 2015, wearable technology should be gathering enough steam that we will begin to see some early marketing applications. What does marketing look like when the Internet surrounds us like the air that we breathe? Fascinating to think about.


Pam Didner selfie

Pam Didner @pamdidner – Global Integrated Marketing Strategist, Intel Corporation

The major change for 2015 is NOT about digital marketing. The major change will come from Marketers by Going Back to Basics: reevaluate the target audience, determine what works and what doesn’t.


Mike Stelzner Selfie

Mike Stelzner @Mike_Stelzner – CEO, Social Media Examiner

Get cracking folks, it’s time to actually care. That means dedicating more resources to things that are harder to track, like answering customer questions and providing more value online.


Brian Solis

Brian Solis @briansolis – Principal Analyst, Altimeter Group

I’d love to say that by 2015 we will truly see digital strategies that are integrated across social, mobile, advertising, marketing, comms, et al. But, we won’t. What we will see though is a more conscious effort to bring disparate groups to the table to learn how to collaborate across screens, channels, and moments of truth to deliver ONE experience to customers wherever they are in the lifecycle.


John Jantsch Selfie

John Jantsch @ducttape – Founder, Duct Tape Marketing

Chief Digital Officers will help organizations lessen their focus on demand creation and heighten it on organizing an end to end customer journey through digital storytelling tactics.


Bill Hunt selfie

Bill Hunt @billhunt – President, Back Azimuth Consulting

In 2015 companies will stop treating digital marketing as a tactic and embrace it as an ecosystem. The days of preaching to customers rather than exciting and informing them are rapidly coming to an end and marketers that can effectively connect with prospects will win.


Joe Pulizzi & Joshua

Joe Pulizzi @joepulizzi – Founder, Content Marketing Institute

In 2015 we will see a large move among brands to buy media companies, flush with cash and short on patience to build loyal audiences.


DJ Waldow Selfie

DJ Waldow @djwaldow – Digital Marketing Evangelist, Marketo

2015 will be the year of HUMAN for digital marketers. Gone are the days of corporate-speak messaging and dull, boring campaigns. Instead, we’ll begin to see more marketers incorporate human-speak into their messaging – videos, pictures, humor, and human!


Ekaterina Walter

Ekaterina Walter @Ekaterina – CMO, Branderati

The ability to craft visual stories that inspire emotion and spark the movement will help companies get noticed and amplify their message throughout those communities.


Brian Clark selfie

Brian Clark @brianclark – CEO, Copyblogger Media

2015 will continue a trend that has caught steam this year, which is mixing paid media with owned media to accelerate content distribution.


Jason Miller selfie

Jason Miller @jasonmillerCA – Senior Manager, Content Marketing, Marketing Solutions, LinkedIn

Coding will become a necessity for digital marketers.


Susan Emerick selfie

Susan Emerick @sfemerick – Manager, Enterprise Social Strategy & Programs, IBM

Employee Advocates will humanize digital marketing experiences on behalf of their brands, outperforming traditional media investments.


David Meerman Scott selfie

David Meerman Scott @dmscott – Keynote Speaker and Bestselling Author, Freshspot Marketing

In 2015, digital marketing will converge with digital selling in a meaningful way.


Ardath Albee selfie

Ardath Albee @ardath421 – CEO, Marketing Interactions

Marketers will become obsessive about becoming relevant to their audiences and buckle down to do the work that informs the development of a digital strategy.


Tim Washer selfie

Tim Washer @timwasher – Senior Marketing Manager, Social Media, Cisco Systems

Mark 2015 as the year of humor in digital marketing.


Tom Webster selfie

Tom Webster @webby2001 – Vice President, Edison Research

My top change/trend for digital marketing in 2015 is the rise and eventual preeminence of mobile data.


Adam Singer selfie

Adam Singer @AdamSinger – Analytics Advocate, Google

Smart brands have already formalized their efforts across organizations and efforts. If you’re not there it’s time to catch up.


Connie Bensen selfie

Connie Bensen @cbensen – Global Social Content Strategy, Innovation & Governance, Dell

My prediction for 2015 is that the digital marketer also known as Social Bizologist (the person guiding the integration of social into the business functions of an organization).


Lee Odden selfie

Lee Odden (hey, that’s me!) @leeodden – CEO, TopRank Online Marketing

Content creation, search optimization and social media will be less siloed as specific departments and treated more like skills that exist across the organization.


Källa: Top Rank Blog. Läs de digitala experternas fulla trendspaningar här.

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