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Inspirerande galleri för alla designfreaks - ExploreCurate

Inspirerande galleri för alla designfreaks

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Det kräver allt mer för att sticka ut i flödet och designtrenderna spretar mer än någonsin. Här bjuds du på 11 designtrender för webb, förpackningar och kommunikation. Håll i dig!

1. Abstrakt psykedelia

Colorful and abstract psychedelic poster illustration


Psychedelic poster illustration for a music festival


Psychedelic illustration for a beer can label

By Trickstore

Illustrated psychedelic logo design for a map company

By logistik land

Colorful and abstract psychedelic mural design
By Eliza Osmo
Psychedelic abstract illustration for an album cover

By LazebraArt

Psychedelic aztec worm illustration for a mezcal label

By miremi_design

Psychedelic illustrated logo design of a hamsa hand

By Aldo 44

psychedelic logo design

By aleT

2. Symboler hett igen

Sketch style barber shop logo showing an all-seeing-eye
By Yokaona
Logo design featuring goddess symbol

By svart ink

Modern illustrated crest showing a knight with a lion

By Eliza Osmo

Soap packaging design with celestial symbols
By svart ink
Organic logo with hands around a lotus flower

By vraione

Apparel clothing brand logo with all-seeing-eye symbol

By safer”

Hand-drawn logo design showing praying hands around a snake and dove
By Thio™

3. Retro futurism

Blue retro futuristic poster design for computing brand

By kuziola

Colorful retro futuristic illustration


Retro futuristic atomic logo design for media brand

By thisisremedy

Retro futuristic skyline logo design for a technology brand

By gromovnik

Calendar with retro futuristic illustrations

By Larry Fulcher via Dribbble

Scifi book cover design with retro futuristic elements

By atombloom

Purple glowing web page design with retro futuristic illustrations
By Serhii Polyvanyi via Dribbble

4. Sömlös surrealism

Surreal photo collage artwork
By _Ossobüko_
Surreal photo collage book cover


Surreal photo collage pouch package design

By Recreo Studio

Surreal illustrated book cover design

By balsheentayo⁹⁹

Surreal photo collage wine label

By LucaToni

Surreal photo collage album cover

By Candy Wrappers

Surreal illustrated album cover

By _Ossobüko_

Surreal illustrated book cover design

By Boja

Surreal black and white illustrated book cover design

By Boja

5. Det autentiska

Abstract photo and portrait collage for cosmetic brand

By Vuk N.

Illustration of a millennial girl

By Fe Melo

Cartoon astronaut illustration for kid’s shirt
By Dudeowl
Illustrated label design for cashew butter
By Jdodo
Watercolor wine label design of a mother and baby

By Irudh

Wine label design with photo portrait

By Giocovision

6. Respektlösa karaktärer

Beer label illustration of a sad jester
By jcontreras
Cartoon illustration of a ghost hiding in a Russian doll

By Dusan Klepic

Cartoon illustration of two sushi pieces wrestling


Blue beer can label of a goat riding a motorcycle
By Wintrygrey
Vodka label illustration of a goose in human clothing

By Wintrygrey

By Raluca De

7. Serier och pop art

Halftone texture illustration for a book cover

By Jose Antonio Varela

Vintage comic book inspired packaging design

By Tomie O

Comic book inspired email design

By ScarlettaDesign

Halftone style pouch packaging design

By lliiaa

Vintage comic book inspired beer label design
By WolfBell
Halftone textured fruit illustrations for label design
By bayuRIP
Pop art inspired t-shirt design

By Pinch Studio

Superhero character illustration for nurses and doctors

By Dexterous”

8. Fine art injektion

fine art packaging design trend: Realistic painting style wine label
By LucaToni
Realistic mixed paint style record cover

By _Ossobüko_

Realistic painting style wine label

By Windmill Designer™

Abstract jazz style illustration for book cover

By IsaDesignNet

Realistic painting style book cover

By Deanne Designs

abstract painting inspired beer can design

By Ostecx Creative via Behance

still life painting inspired cheese packaging

By The Clients Agency via Behance

9. Naturelement

Pink cosmetic packaging with illustrated flora

By Daria V.

Green carton design for soap company

By Archangelo

Pink skin care product packaging with green leaves

By JianBranding™

Website design with nature elements

By Z a n a

Animated scrolling illustrated website for digital agency

By Iconic Graphics

Abstract packaging design for chocolates with floral elements

By monostudio

green poster design with leaves

By Shwin

Floral apparel illustrated kimono print

By vanessa ives

Coffee pouch packaging design with illustrated nature scene

By gromovnik

Illustrated floral label design

By svart ink

10. Oskärpa

Web page design with color blur graphics
Av  iva
motivational poster design with grainy blur effect
By glimmm
Book cover design with color blur graphics

By glimmm

Web page design with blurry backgrounds


11. Socialt medveten design

Illustrated t-shirt design protesting police brutality

By wiwincahayani

COVID pandemic themed hand-lettering
BLM illustrated t-shirt design

By Visual Martyr

COVID pandemic themed t-shirt illustration


COVID pandemic themed Rosie the Riveter t-shirt illustration

By VectorArtist

Great Wave off Kanagawa themed illustration on climate change

By Kai INK

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